“We just want to pee. And use your changing rooms. And shower beside you in the gym. And sleep beside you in the hostel. Also sleep beside you in the hospital. And if you’re a lesbian, we want to fuck you with our lesbian penis. We just want to take your allotted women’s shortlist spaces. And win your women in STEM or business or arts awards. And count as you for pay gap data. Also for the crime we commit, when counted statistically. We really just want to pee. And also play on your rugby and football teams. And win your gold medals and set your world records. And your women’s scholarships.

What difference does it make to you how someone identifies? We just want to pee. That some of us film ourselves wanking in your cubicles and post the videos online — you can’t judge a group by a few bad apples. We just want to pee and you can’t blame us that some of us also rape you and get imprisoned with you in the female estate. We also want into your rape and DV refuges. And your support groups. We just want to pee beside you, change beside you, shower beside you, sleep beside you, be in the scrum beside you, stand on the podium beside you, take from you, do time with you, and fuck your lesbian vagina – —And gaze at you everywhere and anywhere but inside a private home because there is nowhere you can exclude us.

Oh — and by “you” we also mean your daughters, of whatever age. And I forgot- we also want you to stop calling yourselves women, stop referring to your pregnancies, menstruation, vaginas, uteri, cancers, or breastfeeding in any way that associates those with women — because that hurts our feelings. If you cannot accede to every one of our wishes, we’ll threaten you with rape and death online, if possible get the police to act on our complaints about you, and notify your employer of your bigotry.

And if you try to organize protest against any of this, we’ll harass your venue, make a bomb threat, beat you to the floor, have the police eject you though you’re only sitting on chairs eating pizza, threaten you with baseball bats, and — now — organize a city council to limit your right to speak about yourselves and your issues. Because your words are hate. If you don’t like any of this — stay home. We just want to pee.

“~BickerinBrattle as originally posted to Mumsnet forums, where it was promptly flagged off.

Credit: We just want to pee. | Women Are Human



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