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Transwomen ‘playing period’ is misogynistic and tone deaf

Some women are literally crippled by their menstrual  cycles.


I sit here, legs up, rocking side to side, writing this article doing my very best to keep my concentration despite the lightening shocks of pain I feel in my uterus. Writing this article about men, who ‘play period’ as some way to validate their ‘womanhood’.

I sit here, nauseous, irritable, and hot, trying to write how I feel about Transwomen taking laxatives to simulate cramping, shoving faux blood-soaked tampons up their rears to simulate bleeding, when I’m here living it and wishing it would all go away.

I’m wondering, how anyone anywhere could wish this pain upon themselves. Worse so, how it is somehow socially acceptable to trivialize women’s pain publically as a show of forced femaleness.

I ponder, how people have accepted this as a normal thing for the trans community to do, yet, people who ‘play paralyzed’ or ‘play blind’ are seen as mentally ill and insensitive.

I’m confused as to why, the pain of women belongs to men.

I’m hurt by the notion that our afflictions are an act that a man can put on and play.

I’m furious that the very real pain of menstruation, can affect a woman’s social life, lifestyle and career, and yet, Transwomen need not endure the pain but freely accept the ‘praise’ as they endure.

I’m reeling, wondering how a natural occurrence of women still is not depicted accurately on television (blue fluid in pad commercials) yet it is Transwomen who are given credit for destigmatizing periods by talking about their ‘time of the month’.

I cringe that we live in a society, where corporations use strange depictions of male-bodied people with tampon strings sticking out of their underwear in a locker room to prove their ‘wokeness’ to the issue, yet won’t address the nasty chemicals they use that affect the vagina.

I’m dismissive of concerns that Transwomen have regarding periods because they cannot have them. Everything related to their act is a play they put on for themselves to prove that they are female enough.

I’m nauseous again.

This could be days or weeks I feel this way. And women know, they understand.

Trivializing the pain of women is misogynistic.

I’m done entertaining these delusions.



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  1. Well said. Thank you.

    This pretence of men being women is all insulting and horrifying to women and is a sign of their masochistic fetishes. Ew.

    How dare they rope women into playing along with menophilia?!!?

    This needs to go viral! Hope you feel better soon. <3

    • Everywhere there are trans id’d men. The info is there. A ton of ss have been saved. This is a common thing amongst agp trans. Just look up how to simulate a period on YT.

      Also look up menophilia please. Do you think someone could be bothered to write a whole article about a faux practice? The goal is to release the truth about tras and make it go viral.

  2. Nothing says ‘fetish’ quite so much as anally inserted tampons, TIFs never scratch their non-existent balls and adjust their imaginary junk in order to pretend to feel even a minor discomfort that real men experience because their transgenderism is not a fetish.

  3. You bitches are werid in not doctors ain’t no body thinking about you hoes you bitches fuck yall on legacy up yall throw away yall kids beat them sell them in u hoes talking shit…lol im a transwoman in im on hormones which give u menopause reaction such as a period does so Google about us for yall bitter ass talk shit about us

  4. Equally, it is extremely detrimental to the health of women to continue perpetuating the myth that menstruation ‘has to be’ painful or unpleasant in any way. PLEASE look into natural ways of connecting with and transforming your menstrual issues; I highly recommend Kim Anami and Steamy Chick in particular, to get started. Blessings on all wombs – real or imagined, wanted or unwanted <3

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