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Transwomen don’t belong in Olympics 2020 in the women’s division


In 2020 transgender athletes may take part in the Olympic Games for the first time. But allowing transgender women to compete in women’s sport is provoking a heated debate about inclusion and fairness.



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  1. This is not ok and womxxn in these sports need to speak up. Bc their voices are louder and mean more then ours. And if thsy dont speak up they are silencing us all!

  2. Well done piece. It was hard to watch it at times without my blood pressure being elevated.

    While I do understand what McKinnon is saying about differences across the board, and an inherent unfairness in sports, I believe an examination of data will prove the key to ending this debate. If the data shows that trans women win competitions at a rate higher than that achieved by any other group with a physical advantage (for example, Dutch women who are on average taller than Asian women), then clearly there is a greater advantage than that which occurs through natural variations in biological females.

    I propose a ten year study, done in cooperation with numerous organizations around the world, in which data is collected and analysed by the greatest meta analytical methods, to better understand how this will impact fairness for women. Until such time, I do not see how we can allow trans women to compete against biological females.

  3. I have one more thought. What is the result of ftm trans competing in men’s sports? Will we see shockingly low numbers of winners there? This must also be looked at. My guess is of course we will, just as we will see shockingly high numbers of mtf trans WINNERS in women’s sports.

  4. Why aren’t transwomen advocating for their own category in sports, like women did once upon a time (and I guess are again today because of this). There is no need to be ashamed of the reality that they went through male puberty.

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