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The Misogyny of the term ‘Front Hole’

Referring to a vagina as a front hole is misogyny

It’s hard to imagine that this is a serious and actual thing that is happening, but buckle up ladies, we now have ‘front holes’.

About a year ago, Healthline published an LGBTQIA safe sex guide where it refers to both vaginas and ‘front holes’ for female genitalia. They state

In this guide, whenever we use the medical term “vagina,” we’ll also include “front hole” as clinically recommended by researchers in the BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth journal.

After the backlash, Healthline stated they were not replacing the term vagina with front hole and used the term to be kind to people (particularly transmen) with dysphoria.

Funny, they didn’t think at ALL about how women with vaginas would feel about being referred to as a person with a literal hole for genitals.

Women see the forest for the trees here. We know this is not the first time we’ve been referred to as ‘functions’ or ‘objects’, but for a large publication to come out with this, is disgusting and misogynistic.

There was a time where the use of the term vagina was considered a taboo and improper thing. Women have always been censored from speaking about their bodies. Even period commercials use the dreaded ‘blue liquid’ to illustrate a period, because the sight of menstrual blood would obviously ‘gross-out’ men.

Women, for all we’ve fought for, have yet again become just walking ‘penis holders’ for men all in the name of trans rights. This misogynistic twist is not lost on us, and we see it. We see it when renditions the Vagina Monologues drop the word ‘Vagina’ to be more inclusive. We see it when medical journals remove the term vagina in place of front hole. We see it when women are referred to as ‘non-men’ or ‘non-trans women’.

We see the misogyny, we see the erasure, and we are done.

Front hole is only one example of the assault on womanhood by men who believe they are capable of being better women than actual women. The media reinforces these verbal changes in the name of inclusivity. But being a woman is only inclusive to one group, females. And we have VAGINAS.



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  1. Women have vaginas. The only other appropriate and acceptable name for it is ‘birth canal’ but that term is only used in relation to giving birth. Men can have their penises removed and a stoma created in their perineum and call it a ‘front hole’ if they wish but they will never have a vagina, and women will never have a front hole.

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