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Surgeon admits they lack experience in new sex change surgery as Jazz Jenning’s is left with severe complications

Hippocratic Oath – Primum non nocere – first, do no harm


Jazz Jennings – a longtime transgender media darling has unfortunately become the latest victim of body butchering surgeries that even professionals admit they lack sufficient experience with.

As noted in a recent clip of TLC’s I am Jazz, one of the surgeons Jess Ting said

“Taking Jazz on as a patient for surgery, we knew it was going to be a one-of-a-kind surgery,” Ting explained in the clip.

“We don’t have the experience of having said we’ve done 50 of these”

The trans-ing of Jazz at an early age with hormones was the initial culprit to the surgery’s success. Because Jazz was on these hormones, they never developed the proper amount of tissue to construct a neovagina out of Jazz’s penis. This caused a series of complications and a flurry of additional surgeries that left Jazz with scarring and pain.

Yet, these surgeons, knowing Jazz had little tissue to perform the surgery safely, did it anyway by using portions of Jazz’s stomach lining.

And thus we get to the root of the issue…these surgeons are performing surgeries they know to likely be unsuccessful to appease society and the Transgender community.

This will only get worse too – as more and more parents are putting their young children on puberty blockers and hormones at very young ages, thus putting them in a similar situation to Jazz in that they will not have the baseline of tissue required for this complicated surgery.

It should be an outrage to all that any medical professional would perform surgery they know their patient will likely not get the desired outcome they are looking for. Many are empathetic to Jazz, that Jazz now will be left with additional surgeries and a painful mutilated version of a neo-vagina.

The first thing a person going into medical school learns is the Hippocratic Oath or ‘First, Do No Harm’. This feels to many like a brazen decision to ignore that oath by performing surgery on patients that are not proven to have good success rates or do them on patients that do not have enough tissue to have successful outcomes in the first place.

Fighting laws allowing parents to medically ‘trans’ their children will combat a lot of these problems. 

Had Jazz been able to go through normal puberty and get to an appropriate age, they may have had a better shot at a successful outcome. Even Trans allies have to admit that unsuccessful surgeries with a litany of complications are not good for Trans people.

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  1. Similar things are happening to many trans. There is an indigenous guy here staying in a women’s transition house. He was sold the lie that surgery would fix all his problems and addictions. He’s 57.

    He had the dick inversion and then has had no proper after care for it. Women are having to take care of him at the house. He’s ended up with complications and FOUR surgeries!

    So Canada promises to pay for the surgery but there is no follow up or after care. Nice job Canada.

    These men are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mess created by these terrible experiments.

  2. We are living through an increasingly dystopian world, with humans being led in pied piper fashion into madness.
    When all this madness blows up and the truth faced of the dreadful damage done to young people being led to believe they can have their bodies carved up to match a fantasy, a cruel illusion.
    Meanwhile a increased gathering of damaged people which can never take them back to the body they were born with.

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What do you think?

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