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Doxxing Women Back to the Kitchen

Women are losing their careers for speaking about Sex Based Rights in Public


Let’s start this article out with a question, and feel free to post it in the comments

How many of you reading this use your real names when engaging in online debate about sex-based rights for Women?

I’ll bet a vast majority of you use an alias, myself included.

It isn’t difficult to figure out why many Gender Critical & Radical Feminists must protect their identities while engaging in discourse and dissent online regarding many women’s rights issues online.

It’s doxxing


And it is not an unrealistic or hyperbolic fear either.

The most recent big name to lose her job over her voice was Maya Forstater, whose contract was not renewed after making comments on Twitter relating to biology and acknowledging sex is real.

But many women are targeted and ‘exposed’ for not joining into the Transgender ideology.

Doxxing is used to punish people, it is a form of harassment used to silence opposing views by scaring people. Trans allies scope out and even stalk women to get enough of their personal information to then find their family members and employers and ‘out them’ as ‘transphobes’. There are entire websites and message boards dedicated to finding and doxxing women who do not agree with Gender or Trans ideology.

Many of these women lose their jobs and their ability to feed themselves and their families.

Statistically, women who are financially independent (or capable of being so) are much safer. They have control of their finances and the ability to be in stable relationships that they want to be in. Women who are stripped of their livelihoods and independence are at higher risks of engaging in sex work or domestic violence.

Doxxing women put them in a situation where they no longer have financial security, and thus, puts them in danger. And a ‘doxx’ can affect a woman’s long term career aspirations.

Being outed as a ‘TERF’ or ‘Transphobe’ will make potential employers far less likely to employ them and can cause long term destitution in these women.

Because the fear is overwhelming, women with dissenting views  

  1. Play nice and advocate for the ideology they don’t agree with
  2. Congregate and engage in discourse under a false name, with the ever-present fear that someone will find their information and out them
  3. Engage under their own names, knowing full well they can be doxxed easily (not many take this route unless they are self-employed)

But, this was the goal all along, wasn’t it?

The Trans community has done such a good job of advocating for itself and silencing its opponents that not just women are afraid to speak up. Politicians are changing laws to appease them. Police are coming to people’s homes for the crime of ‘hate speech’ to ‘check your thinking’. Organizations are erasing terms like ‘women’ and vaginas’ for terms like ‘non-men’ and ‘front holes’.

Everyone is scared to speak, but women are hardest hit by this rampant ideological bullying.

So how do we fix this? 

Under normal circumstances, most issues are able to be debated, even in a friendly way.

There is no such issue I’ve ever seen shut down like Trans issues.

They claim there is ‘no debate’ and any debate is ‘literal violence’ against them.

The Trans community is not infallible. They are certainly not above debate or reasonable critique or criticism.

They need to stop manipulating people with their high suicide rate like a rabid ex-boyfriend who threatens to kill himself if you leave him.

Yes, Trans people have a high suicide rate, and it isn’t because people have debates about them, it just isn’t, so stop that.

If your movement is moral, just and right, there will be debate and dissenters.

Women who have the privilege to be unaffected by doxxing need to speak louder for the Women who cannot take the risk. And Women who rightfully use an alias need to continue to engage and debate these issues like their lives depend on them…because they do.





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  1. Males always have a high suicide rate. But womxxn and girls suicidal thoughts and actions are spiking. No talk of how it might be an affect of the abuse we suffer and the fact that males want to claim to be us when they put on a costume. No talk of how this could cause womxxn to be suicidal.

  2. I am afraid of being driven out of my job as a single, older woman. I am afraid of physical violence which could kill me. In the USA, without a good safety net, I am afraid to speak my mind.

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