‘Sex is Real’ is an online information and social media platform for Gender Critical Feminists around the globe.

The organization was started as a true necessity to give doxxed and de-platformed feminists a place to congregate, share ideas and fight for Women’s liberation as traditional social platforms would not allow us to speak.

We are unapologetically feminist, taking a stand against the patriarchy, erasure of women and sex and free speech.

This website serves as one of the very few safe spaces women have anymore.



  1. No threats of violence or glorification of violence
  2. No doxxing, stalking, or harassment

  3. No content that is illegal for us to host in the United States

  4. No pornography
  5. No Spam

  6. Must be 13+ to join

If you violate the rules

You may receive one warning, and the offending action will be deleted. After the first warning, you may be banned from the platform without an additional warning. You will not be able to retrieve your data. We may not always issue a warning if there has been a pattern of unwelcome behavior.