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5 US States Attempt Ban on Transgender Athletes Competing Against Biological Females


5 states in this United States are proposing legislation that would prevent biological males from competing against biological females in sports. The states are New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri.

This type of legislation is reflective of the very real concern that Transgender Women (biological males) are unfairly competing and winning sports titles in Women’s sports.

Recently, a biological male cross country runner was given the title of Montana’s Big Sky Conference Female Athlete of the week, two biological males dominated Connecticut’s Track and Feild competitions, and in New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard won gold medals last summer at the Pacific Games in Samoa in the Women’s division.

The issue that biological males have larger hearts, more lung capacity as well as significantly different muscle mass than females, has allowed men who otherwise wouldn’t even make it in the top 3 in Men’s divisions, to dominate female divisions. It isn’t just about titles either. Biological men are reducing the few opportunities women have to make a career in sports, as well as taking away sports scholarships meant for females to go to college.

If this were truly about fairness, Transgender athletes would compete in their own divisions or against their biological counterparts. The effects of hormones on the male body do not reduce the muscle mass enough not to still have an incredible advantage against biological females, nor do hormones make their bones, heart or lungs shrink.

But this isn’t about fairness. This is about a victory of men against women.

There are still biological men who believe women shouldn’t play sports, and that sports belong to men. This takeover is a true threat to women’s sport.

Sports titles are not the only ones at risk either. Biological men are racking up many victories and titles against women. Most recently, a Transwoman sued to be able to compete in the Miss USA pageant.

Women are quickly being weeded out of their own established categories and protections to appease the feelings of men, and it has to stop.

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